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Extended rights to publish on the web 27 December 2008

Can I be a photographer and sell my images?
Of course YES! To do that you have to follow some rules like submitting high quality images, being the author of the photos, being the owner, state that you will breach any other rights or copyrights and that you will not publish the same images elsewhere, neither on free distribution or colleting services like Flickr, for example.

FLICKr and other web photo sharing sites
There are some exceptions that let you post on both DigitalBook.it and other sites, this is when one of the following conditions apply:

  • the posted photos have a super imposed logo or a watermark;
  • the posted files are at low resolution, not suitable for printing;
  • the posted photos are clearly stated as private, copyrighted, reserver or not free. To do that, for example in Flickr, you have to set it in your account preferences.

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