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RSS New Stock Images 29 June 2007
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Rss Feed Icon

DigitalBook.it offers to every user the free subscriptions to the new RSS Feed service. It's a very popular system to share latest news or web site updates, in this case we'll offer the preview to the latest stock images & photos added to our catalogue, without the need to browse the web site to check out if our photographers are selling new photos.
Subscribing it's really easy, the fastest way is to click on the icon (like the one shown here) that you can find inside your browser's address entry field. Your browser will ask to add the feed as a bookmark or favourite.

From this time over you'll be updated automatically and you'll be able to see wich images are available, either stock images and high quality prints (on Kodak paper or Canvas). Clicking on the link you'll be redirected to the deatils page, with the big preview, all the buying options, the lightbox, the ratings, the keywords...

Who use or want to try a news aggregator (checkout wikipedia), will also see a small preview of the newest images.

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