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10 January 2009
News and changes in Digitalbook.it

 Two great news at DigitalBook.it:The default commission to photographers is raised to 65% on every download sell!Starting from today each photog...
27 December 2008
Extended rights to publish on the web

Can I be a photographer and sell my images?Of course YES! To do that you have to follow some rules like submitting high quality images, being the au...
22 November 2007
We are on Computer Arts Italy - November

DigitalBook.it is on the last Computer Arts magazine, italian edition, with a review and 10 photos from our catalogue as gift to the readers. The pict...
01 October 2007
New Server

On this days we are moving to a new and more powerful server. Some ser...
13 September 2007
System Update

There are updates to the main interface and usage of DigitalBook.it, the most obvious are the unified login mo...
13 September 2007
Free images

Starting today DigitalBook.it will offer, every month, an image from its database in high resolution, as free download. Every user...
29 June 2007
RSS New Stock Images

DigitalBook.it offers to every user the free subscriptions to the new RSS Feed service. It's a very popular system to sh...
18 June 2006

Our site is officially open. Please be patient if everything is not yet perfect, as you can see fro...